How You Can Help Preserve the Natural Ecosystem

If you have a lake or pond near your home, you may visit often to observe the animals and plants living there. In addition, while this may seem like a natural ecosystem, the body of water may very well be man-made. There are also a number of places you can go, such as a natural science museum in your area or aquarium that will teach you more about the way animals live, but these creatures are not in their original habitat.

Biomass Energy from Organic Waste

With the cost of electrical power and gas prices reaching astronomical levels these days, alternative forms of power are becoming a more appealing option. There is solar power, hydroelectric power and even wind power with another possibility being biomass energy. The great thing about biomass fuels is that they are renewable.

Why the Circle of Life Depends on Ecosystem Management

Conscientious ecosystem management is vital to the survival of the earth’s environment. Marine life, deserts, rain forests, oceans, and coral reefs all rely on the management of ecosystems to maintain their survival. Plants, insect, animals and bacteria all play a role in a principle called the circle of life. If just one of these becomes extinct, then the earth’s life-support system becomes compromised.

Evidence of Global Warming Is All Around Us

If, like many people, you are unsure how much of an effect global warming has on our planet, or even on the area where you live, here are some facts that you may not even be aware of. There is significant evidence of global warming all around us, and the signs that you can recognize will help you to make informed decisions about how you and your family can conserve the earth’s energy resources.

What Is The Global Warming Greenhouse Effect

Most people realize that the earth’s temperatures are getting warmer and warmer, but what does this really mean? And, how does the greenhouse effect factor into the extreme climate change? The global warming greenhouse effect has been an environmental issue for the last few decades because it involves everyone, and there are a number of ways that humans have damaged the earth and its natural resources.

Common Global Warming Myths Exposed

The affluent multinationals out there with all sorts of money invested in the fuels that are slowly killing us, have a stake in demoting Global Warming as a problem. Here are some global warming myths that you might hear from the evil and the ignorant alike.

Ecosystem Services of the USDA Forest Service

USDA Forest Service

The USDA Forest Service is a government agency that protects and overlooks the different national forests and grasslands that the United States Government has decided to protect from development. There are one hundred and fifty five forests and twenty grasslands, so it is quite a big job.

How Consumer Electronics E-Waste Harm the Environment

Consumer Electronics E-Waste

Consumer electronics, like mobile phones, computers, MP3 players and televisions keep people in touch with their work world, as well as for entertainment. What most do not think about when making an electronics purchase is what they will do with the item once it breaks or becomes obsolete. Each year in the United States alone, some three million tons of commodity and electronic waste, or e-waste as it is known, is thrown away. Where does that waste end up and how does it effect our environment?

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