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How Consumer Electronics E-Waste Harm the Environment

Consumer Electronics E-Waste

Consumer electronics, like mobile phones, computers, MP3 players and televisions keep people in touch with their work world, as well as for entertainment. What most do not think about when making an electronics purchase is what they will do with the item once it breaks or becomes obsolete. Each year in the United States alone, some three million tons of commodity and electronic waste, or e-waste as it is known, is thrown away. Where does that waste end up and how does it effect our environment?

How is Waste Management an Issue

Home Waste Management

Several things affect waste management resources. You are the biggest impact of all and without you, the environmental services they provide would simply not exist. They rely on you, the customer, to do your part to participate in their recycling program. You would not want to let them down, would you? After all, this is your home and your Earth that you are currently residing on unless you shuttle to Mars on a daily basis!

Residential Wastewater Treatment Process

Have you ever wondered why you always have water to cook or wash dishes, or why the shower and bathroom sink faucets never tend to run out of water? This is largely due to the residential wastewater treatment process, which is necessary for every city in order to maintain the health of its citizens. Here is some information about how you can help to improve the process.

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