Alternative Energy

7 Types of Renewable Energy

Biomass Heating Power Plant

Biomass Energy from Organic Waste

With the cost of electrical power and gas prices reaching astronomical levels these days, alternative forms of power are becoming ...
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Cost Comparison of Alternative Energy Sources

Comparing the Costs for Alternative Energy Resources

As the need for alternative forms of energy increases, the need for cost effective alternatives increases as well and cost ...
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Coal Fired Power Plant

Future of Coal as an Energy Source

The need for an energy alternative has most nations looking in all directions, and one of those is coal as ...
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Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant Iceland

Geothermal Energy – How It Works

Geothermal energy is somewhat of an unknown entity in the average person’s knowledge of alternative power sources, even though it ...
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Dnieper Hydroelectric Power Plant Ukraine

Hydroelectric Power – How it Works

The need for alternative energy sources is growing and hydroelectric power is one of the many considerations for renewable energy ...
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Gas Hydrate in Sediment

Methane Hydrates as an Alternative Energy Source

Scientists recognize, as a result of extensive research, that methane hydrates are not unusual in nature. They are most likely ...
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Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power as an Alternative Energy Source

The very idea of using nuclear power as an alternative energy source is frightening for many folks. Along with its ...
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Solar Energy from the sun

Solar Power – What is Solar Energy

Human use of the sun's energy may seem like a recent phenomenon. But, in fact, solar energy has been in ...
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How Does Wind Generate Electricity

Wind Power – How it Works

As a way to reduce emissions, clean up the earth, and preserve natural resources, there is a constant search for ...
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