Why Are There So Few Biodiesel Cars in America

Filling Station Fuel Pump for Biodiesel Cars

Filling Station Fuel Pump for Biodiesel Cars

When it comes to biodiesel cars, America has traditionally been left behind. Maybe it is a result of consistently low fuel costs, or perhaps it is because American auto designers have no clue what they are doing when it comes to designing a new diesel engine. Nevertheless and whatever the reason, America needs to buck up on the subject of biodiesel fuel powered cars.

Unfortunately, a number of facets of American society have to change before folks are willing to go the distance and change from their beloved gasoline to alternative diesel fuels.

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Biodiesel Cars vs Regular Cars

The first thing that must happen if the country is to change over to biodiesel rather than regular gasoline is that petrol prices need to rise and stay up. If petrol costs become as expensive as they are in numerous other countries around the world, then it will become a hard sale for automakers to carry on selling gasoline cars. They will then quickly start to market cars that run on diesel instead. Now though, given that gas is still relatively low-priced when compared to other countries, there is little point in American car manufacturers to even think about marketing biodiesel cars.

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Biodiesel Cars Fuel Cost

The other thing that needs to happen if America ever wants to do away with its reliance on gasoline and replace it with biodiesel is that they need to pioneer new biodiesel creation techniques.

If the cost of gasoline will not go high enough to make folks stop buying it, then biodiesel prices must go low enough so that everybody wishes they had a car that would run on it. Folks will talk to their favored automotive companies to produce biodiesel cars, the companies will realize that they have a market, and cars that run on regular diesel and biodiesel will start to flood the market.

Only if one of these two scenarios happens will Americans ever see an influx of biodiesel cars but until that time comes, they will be stuck with gasoline.