Advantages of Biodiesel Fuel

Are you the type of person who would go to any lengths to live a greener lifestyle while doing your bit to ensure the health and safety of our planet in the future. If that description resembles you, then you might want to think long and hard about buying that hybrid car and alternatively choose a vehicle that runs on biodiesel fuel. Biodiesel fuel is a renewable fuel made from biomass, which is organic material that comes from plants and animals.

Biodiesel Fuel Cars vs Hybrid Cars

Although hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius are all well and good, and do get a tremendous amount of mileage, they are far inferior to cars that run on an alternative fuel source such as biodiesel, especially when you take into account their impact on the environment.

The problem is that hybrid vehicles still require petroleum based products such as petrol and oil in order to run.

Although lower than a normal petrol or diesel based engine, hybrids still produce quite a few pollutants. And that is not even taking into consideration the toxicity of the battery and the large quantities of electromagnetic radiation created by a hybrid, both of which are factors connected with its electric motors.

On the other hand, motor vehicles that run on so called green fuels are virtually clean burning given that they use natural materials as an alternative for highly refined petroleum based substances.

While a hybrid car is busy achieving sixty or seventy miles per gallon, a motor vehicle utilizing biodiesel fuel will produce as much as sixty percent less pollutants over much the same distance. As you are able to see, biodiesel is a very much cleaner burning fuel.

How It's Made - Biodiesel Production

What is Biodiesel Fuel and What is it Made From

Pure Biodiesel Fuel from Soybeans
Pure Biodiesel Fuel from Soybeans

Among the truly amazing aspects of biodiesel fuel is that it can be produced from almost anything. While most natural fuels in America are manufactured from oil feed-stock, companies have also successfully demonstrated that they can produce alternative fuels such as biodiesel from –

  • Algae
  • Animal Fats (Tallow)
  • Canola Oil
  • Corn Oil
  • Mustard
  • Palm Oil
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Soybean
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Recycled Used Cooking Oils

This suggests that bio-fuels can potentially be a lot cheaper over the long term since there are so many sources for production.

How is Biodiesel Fuel Made

Biodiesel is made by reacting the animal fat or vegetable oil with an alcohol, such as ethanol or methanol, with a catalyst. The reaction process separates glycerin from the oil or fat. The result of this process is a biodiesel that is thinner and cleaner than the original fat or oil.

Ultimately, any car, lorry or boat with a diesel engine can run on biodiesel automatically. There are no additional parts that you have to buy for your car to run on biodiesel fuel, making it an economical and effective answer for those who want to help protect the environment.

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