How will Wind Power be used in the Future

When you consider the different forms of alternative energy available to us, wind power is probably one of the most cost effective, clean and efficient methods of power generation at our disposal. However, knowing that wind is a great source of power is one thing -- putting that knowledge into practice seems to be something totally different.

Some countries are way ahead of the game with wind power generation whilst others seem to still consider it as alternative energy rather than a primary source of power. So, just how will wind power be used in the future in different countries around the globe.

How will Wind Power be Used in the FutureIn the United States, the idea of using wind power to a wide degree has not yet caught on, which is ironic for a nation where research into alternative fuels is something on which a lot of pressure is placed. Overall, they rank highly, but for the size of the country, their overall use could be better. While wind may not put an end to the need for oil in motor vehicles, it can go a long way in lowering the reliance on other natural resources to power homes.

Even though the United States has not stepped up in making wind power more main stream, there are other countries that have. There are some European countries where wind power is really catching on.

Europe - wind power

Wind Power In Germany

The number one country in the world in terms of wind power is Germany. The Germans, it is estimated, are getting up to ten percent of their power from the wind. This comes from both individual wind supplement platforms as well as wind farms that are supplementing what people get from the power companies.

Wind Power In Spain

In second place worldwide in wind produced power is Spain. Spain is able to get nearly as much power from the wind as Germany is. Again, that is from private and public sources, but in Spain it is more from the power companies than it is from private platforms installed in homes.

Wind Power in the US

Although the US takes third place, they are a lot lower in terms of per capita use of wind power than a lot of other countries are. The use of wind power, especially in western and southwestern plains states is on the rise. For instance, both Texas and Colorado are good success stories when it comes to supplementing traditional power sources with generation from wind farms.

Wind Power in Denmark

Though it is not an overly large country, Denmark generates around 20% of its power from the wind. Though you may initially associate Denmark with the big clunky windmills described in legends, today they get their power from the more sleek and modern three vein turbines. It is estimated that Danish wind turbine manufacturers have a fifty percent share of the world market.

UK Wind Power

Finally, there is the UK. Traditionally, they have not been a powerhouse when it comes to wind power. However, they are beginning to improve since targets have been set in terms of wind power generation. Much of what they use and produce, though, does come from offshore.

As you can see, not only is wind power efficient, clean, and easy to use, it is also growing in popularity if only slowly. Many countries are beginning to get on board and are showing themselves as new leaders in the alternative power industry.

Whether you are looking at Denmark, Germany, or Spain, there is a lot to be learned from these leaders in the wind power movement. Even the US is doing its part, if only on a slow and deliberate pace.