Environmental Protection – Every Little Bit Counts

Environmental Protection RecyclingIt is a sad fact but the United States is the number one garbage-producing nation in the world. Australia comes in at second with eighteen million tons of rubbish but that does not compare to what the United States is generating.

Sure, more people are recycling and are worried about environmental protection but it is just not enough, with a little over twenty five percent of folks actively doing their part. The numbers of people putting recyclables into recycling bins for pick up and thus keeping them out of landfills is not enough.

resources SAVED by recycling: A strong signal for environmental protection

Environmental Protection Tips – How You Can Help

You can help in some simple yet effective ways. The first is to separate your garbage at home. This means separating the non-recyclable garbage from the recyclable materials. Glass goes into one bin, paper goes into a bin and plastic goes into another bin. Do not forget the aluminum cans either. These little treasures can actually earn you money back when taken to a recycling center.

The next place to initiate environmental protection awareness is in our schools and workplaces.

Environmental Protection Recycling

Numerous schools and work places do not participate in a recycling program. Nonetheless, if recycling bins were supplied and appropriately labeled for glass, aluminum, plastic and paper, then undoubtedly folks would join in the recycling movement and place their rubbish in the appropriate containers.

Have your employer send out a memo asking them to do so. Lead by example and always do your part. If others see your commitment, then they will likely follow suit.

Buy Products Made of Recycled Material

This helps recycling industries know that there are people out there who are concerned with the environment. Many of our everyday products can be purchased that contain recycled materials. You can buy notebook paper made from recycled paper goods. Various detergent and household cleaning products come in bottles made from recycled plastics. By taking this small step into consumerism you can help further the cause and still have the items you need for your home.

Environmental protection should always come first as far as waste management is concerned. Educating the masses on the three R’s – Reduce Reuse Recycle, environmental benefits will no doubt drop the United States from the top of the…well rubbish heap. The sooner, the better since we can all do our bit to make a difference to the rest of the world.