Recycled Glass Mulch

Recycled Glass MulchIf you are looking for a unique way of upping the aesthetics of your landscape, have you considered using recycled glass mulch as an alternative to traditional bark and gravel mulches?

Glass mulch is proving to be a popular choice among the gardening and landscaping fraternity due to the wide variety of colors and textures that it offers over that of traditional mulches.

The material is produced from recycled glass shards, which are tumbled in order to round out the sharp edges. It resembles pea gravel to look at and comes in a variety of colors.

Think of the color of all the glass jars and bottles that you put in your recycle bin and that will give you an idea of the decorative effects you could have in your back yard or garden.

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Glass mulch is the ideal decorative medium for all manner of plant pots, planters, street side gardens and around the base of trees.

Because of the larger variety of colors and textures than you will find in bark or gravel mulches, you are only limited by your own imagination. Indeed, glass mulch has been used successfully in landscape design to simulate blue and/or green water.

Some local landfill sites across the country offer free glass mulch although there is normally a limit on available colors. Recycled mixed glass has been used in the UK for a number of years as an aggregate for road resurfacing and is affectionately known as glasphalt instead of asphalt.

So, why not give your landscape a beautiful new look with tumbled glass mulch. As well as doing your bit for the recycling effort, you will be using less water to keep your plants and trees healthy.