Common Global Warming Myths Exposed

The affluent multinationals out there with all sorts of money invested in the fuels that are slowly killing us, have a stake in demoting Global Warming as a problem. Here are some global warming myths that you might hear from the evil and the ignorant alike.

Global warming is a myth that may not be true as it is something that cannot be measured.

Not only is human impact on the environment visible, it is also measurable. The huge amounts of methane and carbon dioxide we are releasing into the atmosphere have initiated a climate shift otherwise known as global warming. Hurricane Katrina’s ferocity was directly attributable to factors caused by global warming. The same goes for the heat waves in European countries as well. The icecaps at both poles are starting to melt away, and the many glaciers, which are often a steady source of drinkable water, are vanishing.

Temperature increases of 2.5 degrees are simply not enough to be concerned about.

This figure comes from the The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and, while correct, is being downplayed. This figure is an average for the whole world. Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, have already experienced deadly heat waves that were more than a 2.5-degree increase. The global temperature has remained relatively consistent since the last ice age; but the rise of modern industry has been raising it steadily. The fact is that two and half degrees is more than enough to throw the world into a massive climate shift, and only now are we just starting to experience it. This is no global warming myth – it is fact.

John Coleman Debunks the Myth of Global Warming

The atmosphere cleans itself of carbon dioxide quite quickly so even if this was a real problem, we have plenty of time to do something about it

Although this is partially true, “quite quickly” is a relative term. The reality is that if were to stop pumping green house gases into the air right now, it would take more than two hundred years for the atmosphere to regulate itself back to a pre-industrial level. So there really is not that much time left. We have to take action now and not bury our heads in the sand and hope the problem will cure itself.

Carbon dioxide helps plants grow quicker so all the extra is good for the environment.

Global Warming Myths and RealityAgain, this is partly true but if CO2 levels were the only factor farmers had to worry about, it would be completely true. However, water levels and soil conditions also play a major role, which means that the increase of plant growth will only be present in a few places, and thus will not be nearly enough to counteract the effect of global warming. This is not a hypothetical statement, either. Going back around twenty years ago, barley could not be grown in Greenland. Fast-forward to today and the country can now do so, thanks to increased carbon dioxide levels. However, in other parts of the world, the same phenomenon is making it more difficult for plants and crops to thrive.

Global warming is only happening because the sun is getting hotter.

Methods for measuring the intensity of the sun exist, and over the last twenty years or so, it has remained consistent. The minor variations that have been measured can hardly account for the massive environmental shift we have been experiencing.

The upper echelons of the energy industry are populated by groups of folks who make shifting blame a way of life. While that may work in politics, it does not work when it comes to the environment. The atmosphere does not care who is to blame and we will all be equally punished if we continue listening to bogus global warming myth explanations designed to make us feel that we do not have control.