Recycled Rubber Mulch

Recycled Rubber Mulch
Mulching is an important aspect of gardening since it helps the soil retain moisture as well as keeping it nutrient rich for healthy plant growth. Furthermore, mulching also kills off existing weeds and prevents the growth of new ones. Indeed, if you want to preserve the beauty and well being of the plants in your garden, mulching will prove to be a very essential task.

The problem that many gardeners come up against is not so much about the process of mulching, but which materials are best to use. There are numerous types of mulch but not all of them are the ideal choice for every garden. For instance, mulch made from leaves and other organic materials tend to smell once they get wet. Although the effects can be beneficial for plants, people, especially young children as well as those with weaker respiratory systems, cannot always tolerate the stench.

Rubber Mulch for Landscaping and Gardens

To overcome this issue, many gardeners have resorted to synthetic mulches, particularly rubber. Rubber mulch is made from recycled tires, which helps the environment. It is non-toxic and safe for children, pets and plants. It is virtually maintenance free and will not decompose or blow away in the wind. It offers good drainage after rain and does not attract insects or animals.

Because production cost on the part of the manufacturer is minimal, recycled rubber mulch is cheaper for consumers as well. This fact alone should merit serious attention from gardeners all over the world.

Rubber Mulch and the Environment

Recycled rubber mulch should be the preferred option based on the price together with the additional environmentally friendly advantages that it offers.

Recycled rubber mulch is available in several grades, particle sizes and a range of colors. As well as garden mulch, it can also be used as a covering for playground areas offering a softer and safer environment for children to play.

From a landscaping point of view, rubber mulch is durable and can withstand all environmental conditions that may prove destructive for organic mulches. In addition, it is heavier, will not blow away in the wind and is not as smelly as its organic counterparts.

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