Commercial Compost Bins for Home Use

Home Composting Bin

Regardless of whether you reside in a suburban area or you are simply restricted on space for composting, you might have hesitated to get started because you cannot really use a general compost pile. Fortunately, there are numerous commercial composting bins on the market nowadays, and they are designed for just about any possible situation.

Commercial compost bins run the gamut of small buckets and pots that sit on your kitchen counter, right through to large rubbish can sized barrels designed to be used on a balcony, patio or in a backyard. What type you decide to use will vary depending on your own space constraints, as well as how much composting you are going to do.

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Types of Commercial Compost Bins

If you just need a modest amount of organic compost for indoor plants, then a normal kitchen compost bucket will likely do the job perfectly. This also applies if you do not make use of much organic material in your home.

A kitchen compost bucket can be small enough to hold a single day’s worth of composting material, or it could be big enough to hold an entire week’s worth. Typically, kitchen compost buckets are short-term holding and collection containers though, and they are regularly purged into a bigger, more permanent compost bin outside.

More medium-sized containers are often used to create compost as well, and this work nicely for indoor areas since they are sufficiently small to tuck away inside a utility room or closet. These smaller sized compost bins are perfect choices for anybody who just requires compost for indoor plants or smaller garden plots.

However, the smaller a compost bin is, the more difficult it can be to activate the compost. Therefore, small bins ought to have a simple way to turn and mix the compost on a regular basis in order to help it break down and decompose at an acceptable rate. Of course, if the bins are small enough, you can just flip them over, or pick them up and shake them a little. Several commercial compost bins come with an easy turning option built in, however, and this is normally done with some kind of crank handle.

Outdoor compost bins are the best choice for keeping your compost pile active as well as keeping a continual supply of compost available. These types of bins are typically around the size of a rubbish can or barrel, and they are often mounted onto a stand of some kind to allow them to be easily turned over. The stand also enables easier moving if required, and in addition, it offers easier access in order to add new materials and remove finished compost.

What to Look for When Choosing Commercial Compost Bins

When choosing your commercial composting bin, make sure that you take into account the size of the container, along with all of its features. For instance, cheaper bins will not normally have a means to turn and aerate your compost. However, if the bin is small enough, you might be able to turn or rotate it relatively easily yourself.

The actual size of your compost bin is important both for knowing the amount of compost you will be able to get on a regular basis and knowing where in or around your home the bin will conveniently fit.

Furthermore, pay attention to the way the compost bin is loaded and unloaded, and try to picture how that will meet your needs over several years. If you need to bend down low to the ground and scoop compost out of an exit port, will this be a task you are going to find yourself avoiding because it is too strenuous?