Negative Effects of Deforestation on the Ecosystem

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There are numerous diverse types of ecosystems in existence. The tundra, marine ecosystems such as a coral reef and the rainforest are just three examples of more than twenty different ecosystems that we are aware of and interact with on a regular basis.

Your garden and surrounding area is an ecosystem and by its very definition, even the busiest city is a bio network.

One area of the ecosystem that is of worldwide concern today is that caused by deforestation due to the sudden and rapid population growth.

The sheer increase in numbers of feet that walk the earth has resulted in an unexpected demand for food, shelter and the means to generate an income. This has resulted in indiscriminate and systematic destruction of forests the world over, including the precious rain forests. Unless rigorous measures are put into place to replenish these destroyed natural resources, the future of this planet looks very bleak indeed.

The Tragedy Of Deforestation | Climate Change: The Facts | BBC Earth

Deforestation Reasons

One of the most important reasons for deforestation is the generation of food. The sudden increase in the global population has brought with it the insatiable demand for the production of more food, which has led to the depletion of forests to create more land for agriculture.

The communities in Asian and African countries practice shifting land cultivation, where land for agriculture is created with the help of forest fires, after which a new patch of forest is destroyed for the same purpose.

African and American cattle ranching have both become another major reason for the destruction of forests. In some cases, massive tree planting schemes are undertaken, but these are unable to recreate the same ecosystem that once existed, therefore the effort is rather redundant.

If you look at it, one of the most critical reasons for deforestation is to provide housing for the ever-growing, world population. Today, people prefer to invest their savings in real estate, as it is an excellent investment. The destruction of forests to clear land for housing could be stopped if every country formulated forest friendly rules and enforced these regulations without exception. Tree planting is required to bring back the necessary balance in the overall ecosystem.

There is no doubt that deforestation and its outcome is due to the sudden explosion of the world population. It looks like development and progress are the culprits that are systematically destroying our planet.

If there is to be any hope for the future, then extreme measures must be formulated and enforced towards forest conservation and balancing the many delicate ecosystems worldwide.

Unless there is a mechanism put into place to counter the continuous and systematic destruction of the forests, our planet is not going to last for too long, and therefore neither will we.

Start protecting the planet today.