The Need for Forest Conservation

Forest ConservationWe depend on the forests for a number of resources, which is why it is so important that we do all we can to conserve the trees and plants that we still have. Forest conservation has become a worldwide concern. If you want to know more about how you can do your part, it will help to know about the types of forest conservation that is necessary for each type of forest.

Why is Forest Conservation Necessary

The places that are of great concern these days are the tropical forests, and there are several different types. The most popular type, perhaps, is the rain forest, the largest of which still remain in places like Brazil and Malaysia.

However, about one and a half acres are lost every second of every day. This is due to humans using the trees and natural resources there for industrial purposes. Pollution and air impurity has a lot to do with why certain plants no longer grow properly in the rain forests.

The Importance of Forests | How to protect Forests

It is also important to learn about forest conservation if you are planning on purchasing land or having a home built. This is another reason why trees are always being cut down, which in turn reduces the oxygen supply on the earth. So, as you are planning, be sure to choose an area that will not require you to damage the ecosystem around you.

According to forest conservation experts, we lose 137 plants, insect, and animal species every day because of the damage that we are causing to the rainforest. This means that 50,000 species are permanently lost every year. This not only means that some animals are no longer in existence, but also indicates that possible cures for severe diseases are also lost.

It has been proven that about twenty five percent of Western medications are derived from plants that grow in the rainforest. However, less than one percent of these plants have actually been tested before the medication is put on the market.

What can you do to Participate in Forest Conservation

Doing small things like buying recycled paper to write on or use in your computer printer will help tremendously, and you can also invest in a shopping bag made of cloth so that you do not have to ask for paper bags for your groceries each time you shop. Using recycled paper towels and toilet paper will help with forest conservation as well. Even recyclable building materials will help you to do your part to preserve parts of the earth that are disappearing daily.