Why Natural Ecosystems Management is so Important for Our Survival

Natural EcosystemsNatural ecosystems, which embrace everything you can lay your eyes upon, including aquatic ecosystems, desert ecosystems and forest ecosystems, to name but a few, are at present, seriously under attack due to the rapid surge in population growth.

Because all of these bio networks provide the very basics for life, such as food, shelter and water, it is without a doubt very important to find out how to bring back the balance of these natural processes.

Unless something is done soon, the rapidly increasing population and growing greed for more will destroy the planet.

Benefits of Natural Ecosystems

It is important to note that the survival of the ecosystem means the survival of human race. This means that the many ecosystems not only need to be protected, but they also need to be restored back to their original state, if possible, to ensure that the planet survives. Everything that makes an ecosystem, including the forests, oceans, seas, rivers, the rain forest, etc. needs special attention today.

Since this is a global concern, many countries together and separately have taken measures to restore the balance of the natural resources wherever it is possible, and as fast as possible. In this endeavor, advanced studies in management ecosystem and ecology have been put to good use, whereby the damaged ecosystems have been restored, while at the same time the economic and cultural connotations have been protected.

Dr. David Andison: An Ecosystem Approach to Natural Landscapes Management

Special measures have been implemented to manage these natural ecosystems. You have, for example, the protection and aid in regeneration of endangered species, you have systematic tree planting campaigns for regeneration of depleted forests, and you have anti-pollution campaigns and so on. Each one of these steps helps to get nature back on its feet, and while doing so, ensures that the earth will survive the present abuses and exploitations.

Maintaining Natural Ecosystems

Other measures to restore the balance in nature include the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, a shift to organic foods, recycling efforts, massive plantations to stop and prevent soil erosion, the cleaning and forbidding of dumping pollutants into our water systems, and so on.

There is only one thing to do today, and that is to put all of your efforts towards saving the earth. Each one of the natural ecosystems needs to be nurtured back to full health, whether this is a desert ecosystem, a marine ecosystem or a freshwater ecosystem.

It has been accepted that the shift in focus will initially be very difficult, as at present it is driven by the economy. However, the shift is required if the earth is going to survive the past two or three decades of abuse and exploitation.

There is only one-way for humans to survive along with the planet and that is to restore the earth’s delicate natural ecosystems. It is not easy, but it is possible, and efforts are already taking place globally towards this end.