How to Help the Climate Crisis

How to Help Climate Change

If you are uncertain about how global warming and the climate crisis are impacting the part of the world you live in, all you have to do is look around.

Factors such as smog, landfills, and even litter can tell you a great deal about global warming, and what you are able to do in order to save the planet from global warming and the greenhouse effect.

Each one of us can help limit climate change.

From the electricity that we use to the way we travel, the things that we buy and the food that we eat, all can make a difference.

10-ways to reduce Global Warming!

Live a Green Lifestyle

This means getting rid of, and adding, some things to your lifestyle to help remedy the climate crisis.

Use Less Electricity

You will have to cut back on the electricity that you use so that fossil fuels can be conserved. To accomplish that, consider switching your traditional filament light bulbs to LED or fluorescent in order to save energy.

Drive a Hybrid or Electric Car

How about buying an electric or hybrid car, which will help you to save petrol significantly, and will cut back on toxic gas emissions into the atmosphere.

Buy Recycled and Recycle

Recycling is another part of living a green lifestyle.

Purchasing items that are already recycled, or recycling your paper and plastic products, will go a long way in saving energy and reducing the amount of gases that have to be emitted into the atmosphere in order to dispose of waste.

This cuts down on global warming significantly.

Buy Organic Produce or Grow Your Own

You can also live green by planting your own garden, or buying organic meat and produce.

Organic foods have not been contaminated with pesticides, which means they are safe for the whole family to eat, and the chemicals used for pesticides have not affected the ozone layer.

Buy Environmentally Safe Products

Simple things you can do at home to reduce climate change

If you are planning a picnic, or detest washing up, you in all probability pick up Styrofoam products from the grocery store quite often.

Although this substance is durable and ideal for outside eating, Styrofoam is very damaging to the environment and contributes to the climate crisis, since it is not biodegradable.

This means it can not be decomposed back into the earth, and can not be recycled.

As well as that, manufacturers must expend more natural gas and energy to continue producing Styrofoam without being able to fully recycle it like plastic or paper.

So, try getting paper plates next time you are at the supermarket, and buy items that contain the label ‘no CFCs’ as well.

This means that there are not chlorofluorocarbons in the product, so the substance will not thin the ozone layer any further.

Items that typically contain CFCs include spray deodorant and hair spray, so make certain that you check the label thoroughly before purchasing.

Talk to Your Local Council

If you do not know where the nearest recycling plant is in your city or town, drop a line to your local officials and ask.

If you see lots of litter in your part of town and would like to do something about it, ask your neighbors and schoolmates to help.

Speak to your gas company about ways to conserve energy, or switch to an environmentally friendly company that uses safe gas to warm your home, in order to bring more attention to the climate crisis.

Start a community awareness group in your area if you do not already have access to one, and share your ideas about ways to help end the climate crisis with other members of your community so that you can come up with methods for taking action.