Recycling Program

Want to do your part to help save the environment? You can participate in the recycling program of your choice in your city or state. Here are some of the different items you can recycle, as well as ways to make your community efforts count.

Cell Phone Recycling Program

If you have an old cell phone that you don’t use anymore, you can donate it to a recycling program in your area, so that some of the undamaged parts can be used to create new phones. In some cases, these phones are reprogrammed and given to the less fortunate. Cell phone recycling has even been used to help families with loved ones fighting in Iraq--the phones provided a more effective way for families to communicate with one another. You can get more information on how you can get involved with this type of recycling program from GRC Wireless Recycling.

Recycling Program for Light Bulbs

If you use ‘regular’ light bulbs in your home, you can recycle these as well. The glass and wiring can be used to make new bulbs, and you may even want to switch to using florescent bulbs in your home. These bulbs are much brighter, and don’t use as much energy.

Battery Recycling Program

Batteries can also be recycled. If you have used the batteries to power an electronic device or toy, you can donate them at your local grocery store (in most cases) to be recycled. They can then be recharged and sold as ‘green batteries’, which helps the city to save money, and protects the environment from being exposed to excessive corrosive materials. You can find out which drop-off points are in your city from Battery Solutions Inc.

Even if you don’t have items like cell phones or batteries to recycle, you can still motivate your family or business to participate in the recycling program in your city or state.

Recycling Program for Kids

You can request recycle bins from your local sanitation department, and simply start separating your trash so that it can be filtered and used again. For instance, you can save the glass bottles that mineral water or some sodas are packaged in. The glass can be used to create another bottle, or for parts of a new appliance.

If you drink soda or canned juices often, you can recycle the metal cans, or save the tops and take them to your local recycling center; some centers even offer a small monetary reward.

Teaching your children to recycle at an early age will also help to make them more sensitive to the needs of the environment, and will teach them to conserve natural resources.