Environmental Services

If you are concerned with the lack of recycling that is being done in your city, or if you think that the city’s water supply could stand to be cleaner, you will want to get in touch with the environmental services in your area. This department of government is responsible for making sure that each citizen in the area has the best environmental resources available, and your input really could help make a difference.

Clean River programs are one of the responsibilities of Environmental Services. These city officials are commissioned to make sure that the rivers are safe for the wildlife that may be living there, which means making sure that waste is not dumped into the river for disposal.

Making sure that the fish that live in these rivers are healthy also protects the people who eat the fish, as well as those who are fishing in various parts of the city or state. The river may also be where parts of the city’s water supply comes from, and if tap, and even bathing water are contaminated with hazardous chemicals, this could be dangerous for the citizens. Respiratory problems, along with increased risk of cancer and high blood pressure can all come from contaminated drinking water, so it’s important for Environmental Services to constantly be checking local rivers and streams for cleanliness.

The installation of sewers in the city is another job for this department. Sewage systems help to ‘flush’ the dirty water from the city, filter it, and sweep new, clean water into the homes and businesses of the neighborhood. So, when a city does not recycle regularly, or when citizens dispose of their waste in the wrong way, the sewage systems become backed up, and it becomes harder to get clean water.

Environmental Services professionals encourage inhabitants of their city or state to dispose of harsh cleaning products, paints, and finishing oils in the right way. This means not throwing these materials down the drain, or throwing them out with the house trash.

So how can you help the Environmental Services department in their efforts?

Recycling on a regular basis is one of the best ways to reduce global warming, maintain the city’s clean water supply, and reduce the cost that incurs when factories have to make new products. You can also buy recycled goods to help save money and protect the environment.

Even little things, like conserving water in your house by turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, or buying florescent bulbs will aid the Environmental Services department in your state in their efforts to make your neighborhood cleaner and safer.