Portable Solar Power for Camping

Portable solar power bag that is designed to recharge small electronic devices

Portable solar power is the answer for anybody who will be away from electrical outlets when they need to run or charge their electronic gadgets.

Visualize being able to recharge your laptop computer or cellular phone while out camping or hiking.

This technology harnesses sun energy so that you will be able to benefit from the comforts of home in remote locations.

Read on to discover how portable solar power works and how you can use it to your benefit.

How Does Portable Solar Work

The majority of portable solar power devices use photovoltaic cells. Solar photovoltaic cells generate electricity when they are exposed to light.

They normally consist of panels that contain two layers of different materials.

Once light hits these two layers, one of the layers becomes positively charged while the other becomes negatively charged. This in turn produces an electrical current.

You are able to then use this electricity to charge or run your electronic gadgets such as cameras, laptops, mobile phones, lights, MP3 players, PDAs and several other items.

Are portable solar panels effective?

How Much Power Does a Portable Solar Panel Generate

The amount of electricity a solar cell produces depends on how strong the sunlight is and how long the solar power device is exposed.

A solar power cell generates electricity faster when the sun is brighter, and a device with bigger solar panels will produce more electricity than one with smaller panels.

A number of solar cells will only produce sufficient current to power small electronic devices.

When you are shopping for portable solar power, you will discover that different devices have differing wattage ratings.

To choose the right solar device, find out what wattage rating you need. To determine that rating, look at the output rating of the adapter. It should tell you how many watts the adapter generates. If it does not show this information, then it should show the ratings for amperes (amps) and volts.

Bear in mind that larger solar panels generally supply more wattage and will charge your devices a lot quicker.

Some companies sell back-up batteries to go with your solar cell. These batteries can sometimes also be charged from a wall socket or from a car charge adapter.

You may prefer to have a solar cell that you are able to use while you are hiking or travelling, such as a flexible panel that can be carried on your back. This way, you will be able to charge your small equipment or a back-up battery while you are busy enjoying yourself.

Bear in mind that while a solar cell performs best in bright sunlight, your other equipment usually does not. Some solar cells come with a long cord, so you can put your camera or laptop in the shade while they are charging.

Portable solar power is the perfect tool to take along when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, but still want the amenities of home.

As the technology of solar power advances, we can expect portable solar power devices to become smaller, lighter and cheaper.

Still, they are already very convenient and can make travelling in remote locations much safer and more enjoyable.