Energy Saving Solar Products for the Home

Solar Powered Lamps

Today’s market is full of solar products, which facilitate the energy of sunlight, to help homes become energy efficient.

However, there are some solar home products that may appear to be useless or that may serve the same purpose as conventional products that are much cheaper.

That being said, most solar products perform well and serve great purposes, so consumers do not have to be concerned about wasting money on useless devices.

There are many solar products available, and they all fit into different categories, including solar panels, solar chargers and gadgets, solar garden and pool tools, and solar lights.

All solar products can go a long way to make your home more energy efficient while giving cheaper utility bills.

The Coolest Solar-Powered Gadgets

Solar Panels for Home Use

Solar panels are an assembly of solar cells encapsulated behind a glass plate, which is mounted in an aluminium frame that gives the owner better protection and handling of the panel.

Recently, solar panels became available in flexible versions, which are much more convenient for potential owners. The flexible solar panels have many advantages over the older versions, including facilitating compact transport, a lighter weight, because they do not have aluminium frames, no cells that can break down if they are dropped, and are easier to install, especially on non-plane surfaces, such as boats.

Solar Products Gadgets

Solar chargers and gadgets are another category of product.

These chargers are actually solar panels of a suitable size that are available with accessories, such as plugs, cables, and adapters.

They are only able to charge a specific type of battery, such as a car battery, and they can also be used to power small appliances, such as mobile phones and mp3 players.

In addition, the chargers do not have or need a charge controller or a charge monitor. Other gadgets include solar-powered radios, driveway monitors, fans, watches and solar-powered weather stations.

Solar Products for the Garden

There are many solar products available for gardens, which are typically used to enhance the beauty of the garden. Some solar garden products include floating and cascading fountains, bird feeders, the solar moler, and a solar mower.

Swimming Pool Solar Products

Solar products for pools include heating and purifying products that help trap heat within a pool and preventing evaporation. The solar heater can be used for outdoor pools or hot tubs and spas, and are able to make water temperatures ten to fifteen degrees higher on sunny days. Solar pool heaters turn the water in a pool or hot tub into a makeshift solar heat absorber and may reduce heating costs by as much as 95 percent during the summer.

Home Solar Lighting Products

Solar lights are very popular because they are more readily available than the other solar products, and are the most consistent in helping homes become more energy efficient. Solar-powered lights are also useful because they do not have or need cables or power plugs. Therefore, these lights can be placed anywhere around the home or even outside in garden areas.

During the day, the energy from the sun charges the batteries of the solar-powered lights. Most are automatic, and they switch on when their surroundings become dark. Although, solar lights are energy efficient and help owners save massively on electric bills, there are some drawbacks to using this type of lighting. For example, the light of a solar light usually shines weaker than conventional lights, but they can add more visibility to a home and a home’s surroundings.

No matter the use, solar products can make a home more energy efficient.