What Is The Global Warming Greenhouse Effect

Global Warming Greenhouse EffectMost people realize that the earth’s temperatures are getting warmer and warmer, but what does this really mean? And, how does the greenhouse effect factor into the extreme climate change? The global warming greenhouse effect has been an environmental issue for the last few decades because it involves everyone, and there are a number of ways that humans have damaged the earth and its natural resources. However, there are also several ways that global warming information can change the way that we live so that we can preserve the planet.


First of all, it’s important to understand that the greenhouse effect in itself is a good thing. Gases like carbon dioxide, ozone, and methane are included in the greenhouse gases, and they help to protect us from the extreme heat of the sun. If we didn’t have the greenhouse gases, most of the heat and energy from the sun would go back into space, and our world would be about 60 degrees colder on average.

Some plant and animal life would not be able to survive under these conditions, and many humans would experience additional health problems due to the cold temperatures.

So, we cannot live on earth without greenhouse gases.


On the other hand, an excess of these gases is not good for the earth either, since the role of the greenhouse gases is to trap energy from the sun and use the energy to warm the earth. So, the more gases we have, the warmer our world is—which leads to global warming – and this could cause problems for all forms of life as well.

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The global warming greenhouse effect should be a concern for people of all ages in all parts of the world. In colder temperatures, glaciers or bodies of ice could begin to melt due to the extreme warming, and these melted glaciers could cause the overflow of the earth’s seas and oceans. This means flooding in many parts of the world, and the glacier melting could also mean contaminated water for many sections of the earth. In addition, the warmer the earth gets, the more difficult it will be to grow food, so both humans and animals will suffer from the poor water supply and unfavorable temperatures.

In order to stop the global warming greenhouse effect, humans must use the natural resources that we still have very wisely. Cutting down on carbon dioxide emission will help a great deal, so talk to your neighborhood about carpooling or only using your car for long distances will help to maintain carbon dioxide levels in the air without adding any more of this substance to the atmosphere. Using cosmetics and paints that do not contain CFCs is another great way to cut down on global warming. When harmful gases or chemicals are released into the air, the ozone layer is continually depleted, and if we have nothing to protect us from the sun, issues such as skin cancer and malnutrition will only get worse.